Item Exchange
Shortest 5 days!
Safe and fast exchange

ELISE purchases all items
and allows you to complete the assessment to deposit in a minimum of 5 days.

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Various items can be purchased
and exchanged for currency
without any hassle.

  • STEP1

    Log in and upload items.

  • STEP2

    Assess and judge at ELISE.

  • STEP3

    Deposited to your account and remitted to your designated personal account!

We support various currencies


  • USD
  • EUR
  • JPY


Features of ELISE

  • High security
    and easy management screen

    Although the structure of ELISE is complicated, we provide users with easy-to-use management screens and exchange methods.
    In addition, behind the scenes, we have invested heavily in security, so you can use easy and secure exchanges with confidence.

  • Industry cheap commissions

    ELISE is the only service in the world.
    Despite being the only service, we offer discounted fees.
    We aim to contribute to the development of the world by reducing fees.

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